Park Side Eatery to open

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A new food establishment is coming to 42-44 Phila Street, across from Congress Park. Michael and Heidi Hoyt, the owners of 13-year-old Black Diamond Caterers, Adirondack Barbecue and Glazed Bäckerei are moving into the restaurant stage of their development. They don't want to use the term "restaurant," however. They are calling it Park Side Eatery and defying all things restaurant.

Park Side Eatery will have a comfortable warehouse look and feel, with tables and counter seating, but no table service. Now under construction adjacent to the Black Diamond location on Phila, the 5,000-square-foot eatery will open in early June. 

"It will fit very well into the neighborhood. We want to be a welcoming stop in the course of someone's day. In addition to people enjoying their food in our seating area, we fully expect people to run in and out as they head for home with dinner for the family," says Michael Hoyt, the general manager and official taste tester of all the foods.

Heidi, the chef, said, “The casual, counter-style restaurant serving outstanding food is growing in popularity across the country.”

The Hoyts will also be developing two new lines. One line will feature Jewish-style foods from the Lower East Side. The second will be a European-style bakery named Glazed Bäckerei. 

The past three years have each had record-breaking growth in catering for the Hoyts, and they are optimistic this expansion will only further develop their original business of full-service, off-premise catering.



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