Hattie’s Chef Jasper Alexander named in “Best Chefs America” book

Chef Jasper Alexander of Hattie’s Restaurant has been honored as one of the country’s top culinary talents in the inaugural edition of “Best Chefs America,” a 386-page coffee-table book released March 1. The book is the ultimate chef’s guide to chefs, a first-ever peer review of United States culinary professionals.

“I am thrilled to be nominated by my peers and included in ‘Best Chefs America,’” Alexander said. “This recognition is truly an honor, and gives me yet another reason to be appreciative of my fellow professionals and chosen profession. I’m especially thrilled at the timing, as we are celebrating our 75th year in business at Hattie’s. I’d like to think Miss Hattie would be proud.”

The chosen chefs were extensively interviewed by their fellows and “Best Chefs America” analysts. These analysts conducted more than 5,000 confidential telephone interviews with chefs who were nominated by other chefs, culinary professionals and food enthusiasts across the country. The interviews consisted of a series of proprietary questions, and software was used to aggregate the data. Chefs earning the highest scores among their peers in their region were included in the guide.

The results were compiled into the book, with chef listings broken down geographically and alphabetically. “Best Chefs America” also features expert photography, and highlights emerging culinary trends and ingredients uncovered during the interviews.

Elizabeth Fishburne, “Best Chefs America”’s lead analyst, said, “Chefs themselves truly understand what it takes to be successful in this competitive industry, and ‘Best Chefs America’ offers them a forum to express their views. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from more than 5,000 participating chefs, it is clear the chef world was ready for us.”

“Best Chefs America” costs $75 and can be bought online at http://bestchefsamerica.com/book/.

See www.hattiesrestaurant.com and www.hattieschickenshacks.com for more information on Hattie’s restaurants.



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