Saratoga Chem-Dry carpet-cleaners make deep cleaning a green reality

It’s time to shed the dark, cold days of winter and welcome the fresh days of spring. For many people, the long winter months are spent trapped inside, which takes a toll on their carpet. Dirt, dust and contaminants are pushed deep into the rug, far beyond the reach of the typical home vacuum. You can start this spring with a healthy, deep clean from the professionals at Saratoga Chem-Dry.

A common misconception among homeowners is that their carpets need to be cleaned only when they look dirty. However, by the time the dirt is visible, your carpets are beyond filthy. It is essential to extract harmful pollutants before they affect your family’s health.

Chem-Dry’s revolutionary hot water cleaning solution, the Natural, uses ingredients emulated from Mother Nature to obtain a gentle and safe clean. Utilizing the power of carbonation, millions of tiny effervescent bubbles are generated to penetrate deep within the carpet fibers. Dirt and stains dissolve quickly, and are lifted to the surface ready for extraction.

Unlike other carpet-cleaning products, the Natural contains no soaps, detergents or other harsh chemicals, leaving your carpet safe for children and pets. Industry research shows that routine carpet maintenance is healthiest when the cleaned carpet is completely dry and ready for use in within 24 hours. Chem-Dry’s unique process uses approximately one-fifth to one-tenth of the moisture that conventional steam cleaners use, leaving your carpets dry in less than two hours.

Chem-Dry’s hot carbonation extraction process has been awarded the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval, proving Chem-Dry’s dedication to quality products. For more information, call 583-6699 or visit www.saratogachemdry.com.
Chem-Dry is owned by Steve Waters from Ballston Spa, who has been operating his franchise in the community for 14 years.



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