The Maids to clean Franklin Community Center

Franklin Community Center

The Maids

Franklin Community Center (FCC) is getting ready to clean house. But don’t panic; no one is going anywhere.

After a record-breaking holiday season, FCC is feeling the wear and tear of all it accomplished.  As a result, a local cleaning company is sweeping in to offer both the building and the staff a fresh perspective.

On Monday, Jan. 14, the Maids (of Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties) are offering their services to FCC, free of charge, as a way to give back by supporting an agency with a mission in which they believe. A recent partnership with the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, a program that offers free cleaning services to women undergoing cancer treatments, has enhanced the company’s awareness about ways to creatively help the local community. Donating services to a small and busy nonprofit seemed like another great fit.

“Having worked and lived in the Saratoga Springs area for many years now, I am familiar with what Franklin Community Center does for people in need,” said franchise owner Helen Defeudis. “A few of my current and past employees have been recipients of these services, and are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to give something back.”
The FCC staff said they’re thrilled to have been chosen as the recipient of the Maids’ generosity, and they’re happy to be able to kick off the New Year with a renewed sparkle. 

“From October through Christmas, so much of our effort goes into our holiday programming,” FCC Executive Director Kari Cushing said. “With all the traffic our office sees and with inclement weather outside, things can get pretty messy. We’re so thankful the Maids will be able to do a thorough job in a fraction of the time we could. It will give our staff and our visitors a fresh start to 2013.”

The Maids, founded in 1979, is a leading residential cleaning company in the U.S. and Canada. They offer a wide array of cleaning services, including windows, carpets and the company’s 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System. Contact the Maids at 800-335-5969 and themaidsofsaratoga@yahoo.com.

Franklin Community Center, located at 10 Franklin Street, is a nonprofit human service agency that has been providing basic necessities and services to less fortunate Saratoga residents for 30 years.  For more information, visit www.franklincommunitycenter.org.  



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