High Rock Sports & Fitness to close Jan. 31

High Rock Sports & Fitness (HRSF) plans to close Jan. 31, according to its posts on the gym’s Facebook site. Those few posts are the only official word from HRSF so far, a fact members have noticed.

“High Rock Sports & Fitness in Saratoga is closing, but has not officially told its members,” reported gym member Mary Dunbar. “I’ve been going to the gym there for six and a half years. I go every day because I live right across the street. It’s so convenient. I’ll miss it.”
Dunbar learned about the closing from fellow members, then from a staff person at the gym. Postings on the High Rock Sports & Fitness Facebook site confirm the rumors. Jan. 2, Cara Longobardi asked, “Should I hold off from signing a contract somewhere else? I don't want to miss out on New Year's savings if I am forced elsewhere.”
The gym promptly replied, “We don't want to discourage you from looking for a new gym. All we can confirm is that we will be full-service until at least 1/31/13, and all current HRSF members will receive the month of February free at the Saratoga YMCA. There will be welcome letters and vouchers for the free month at the Y available soon at the front desk of HRSF.”
Dunbar said as far as she knows, the gym had not posted a notice or sent any letters regarding the closing to its members. Nothing relevant is posted on the HRSF Web site.
“I have heard that staff has told people wanting to renew their memberships to wait until February,” she said.
Rohan Realty has posted a for-lease sign outside the gym. Neither Rohan Realty nor High Rock Sports & Fitness has yet returned the “Saratogian”’s calls regarding any closing.


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