Coming soon: McGillicuddy's Soaps & Aurelio Hair Studio. What happened to Peppers Deli?

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The businesses are blowing up this summer! Everywhere you look it seems a new shop or service is sprouting up across Saratoga Springs. Here's a sneak peak into two new businesses - Aurelio Hair Studio and McGillicuddy's Soaps. I plan on speaking with someone from both businesses tomorrow, but in the meantime if anyone has any questions about the new hair salon or soap shop that they would like answered before I speak with the owners please feel free to post comments and I will do my best to address everyone.

Aurelio Hair Studio -
Former celebrity hair stylist Aurelio Bidinost recently left his glamorous post at Universal Studios in the Hollywood to bring his cutting edge looks to Saratoga Springs. Aurelio will open his appointment-only salon this month at Suite 3 at 77 Van Dam in Saratoga Springs. Famous for his original, edgy and multi-dimensional hair styles, colorings and cuts, Aurelio will add a fresh face to the local hair salon competition. 

McGillicuddy's Soaps - 
This is one little business I personally can't wait to learn more about. After watching weeks of renovations on the ground floor of Saratoga Marketplace at 454 Broadway, today I finally passed by a seemingly finished McGillicuddy's Soap shop. Despite the minor detail that the shop was closed, the aroma of fresh sudsy goodness and the shop's old-school, vintage charm was undeniably captivating. I suspect there is a good story rooted in Saratoga's history behind McGillicuddy's Soaps and I aim to find out and report back as soon as possible! Stay tuned.

Peppers Deli - 
 Is closed for good? The dark windows and real estate agent sign out front hint that this Lake Avenue deli has shut its doors once and for all. Does anyone have any more information? Perhaps a new deli or similar foodie snack shop will breathe new life into this forgotten building. What would you like to see move into the location at 173 Lake Avenue?

Details to come. Cheers,
Suzanna K. Lourie - Business and Education Reporter


Tushita Heaven wellness center to open on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street; Turkish Bazaar to open a second Broadway location

 Hello Saratoga! 

This is my first post as the new biz reporter for the Saratogian. You might have to bare with me as I learn the ropes of the 'In-the-Biz' blog, but I can say with confidence that I'm extremely excited to get this blog back up and running in full swing for the summer season. Please feel free to contact me at slourie@saratogian.com with any tips or hints about all things biz related. 

To get us back on the scene we have a couple of new developments in local businesses.

Saratoga Turkish Bazaar is moving. The shop will open a second location at 506 Broadway with a tentative grand opening scheduled for July 1st. The Bazaar, currently located in the Downstreet Marketplace at 454 Broadway, will keep its old location once the new venue opens up until the end of the year. The Bazaar sells fine imported goods from Turkey including artwork, woven rugs, scarves, jewelry, shoes and more.

New business to open on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street - Tushita Heaven.

Tushita Heaven, a business featuring products and services geared toward ‘enlightened living,’ is moving to Saratoga Springs in a building located at the corner of Broadway and Spring Street. The building, owned by Shoe Depot owner Frank Panza, was previously up for auction until Panza filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Nevada on Tuesday May 3rd. With the bankruptcy, the bank will be unable to sell Panza’s property until his finances are resolved. In the meantime however, the building was reopened for prospective business leases. Dawn Hall of San Juan Capistrano, California, quickly took advantage of the retail space where she will relocate Tushita Heaven in her move from the west coast to Saratoga Springs.

Tushita Heaven, an enlightened living wellness center, offers an array of natural healing services aimed to increase consumers’ quality of life, relieve stress and enhance physical and emotional well-being. Some of the services available include: healing workshops, crystal therapy, holistic wellness, psychic reading, hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling.  The shop will feature products geared toward alternative and new-age wellness practices like crystals, incense, antiques, candles and wood carvings. Hall plans to open Tushita Heaven in Saratoga Springs before the middle of June. 

Check it out at tushitaheaven.com

Stay tuned for more business developments!

Suzanna K. Lourie
slourie@saratogian.com - Business and Education Reporter