A neat seat

Disarmingly simple, yet functional, the Sneat is a vinyl car seat protector and the brainchild of Diane Babin, of Rotterdam, and Debbie Jemmott, of Ballston Spa.

The business-minded pair are mothers with full-time professional jobs who got fed up after years of dealing with the mud and sweat that dirtied their car seats as they delivered their children from school to home to football practice.

“Personal experience prompted this product,” Jemmott said. “We were constantly putting blankets and sheets and towels in the car to protect it because my son, who is now a teenager, plays football. I thought, ‘my car always stinks.’ There’s gotta be something that we can do.”

This summer, they formed Jemmbin LLC and had 1,800 Sneats manufactured in Menands. They’ve been selling the product for $11.95 a pop at craft fairs, on Amazon.com and through word of mouth ever since.

The product is simply a heavy-duty sheet of clear plastic that, when slipped over the top of a car seat via a Velcro-secured pocket, can prevent food, pet hair, mud, liquids, dirt, etc. from mussing up the seat. According to Jemmbin (Jemmott-Babin), the Sneat doesn’t obstruct seat belts or airbags. It’s meant to be wiped down after use and slipped back into the glove compartment or a pocket until it’s needed again. It folds to about the size of a road map and weighs a few ounces.

For more information, call (877) 352-9701 or go to www.jemmbin.com or www.thesneat.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been using The Sneat for several months now and am very pleased with its performance. It is simple to use, saves me time and well worth the money.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 2:16:00 PM 

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