Knowledge Builders Inc. celebrates 10-year anniversary

KBI has doubled their consultants in the last 12 months

Knowledge Builders Inc., a certified women-owned business enterprise and select vendor of the NYS Hourly Based Information Technology Services (HBITS) initiative, celebrates their 10th anniversary.

For 10 years, KBI has provided a wide range of skilled Information Technology professionals to corporations and government entities, in the Capital Region and beyond.  Due to strong partnerships with several key national and multinational IT firms, KBI has doubled itsconsultants in the last 12 months.

About Knowledge Builders Inc.

Since 2005, KBI has established itself as a leader in the information technology and consulting industry with demonstrated expertise in IT Staff Augmentation, recruitment, deployment and management of IT resources. KBI has solid expertise in Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence solutions, Oracle & Microsoft technologies and Web Application development.  With core competencies grounded in proven data and content management, information delivery and application development methodologies.

KBI knows technology and consulting

We know what it means to be a consultant; members of the Management Team have served as consultants in the Information Technology industry. KBI takes pride in providing the highest quality of service, leveraging our technical knowledge throughout KBI and our collective consulting experiences to provide our customers with the consultant services that best fit their needs.

KBI's mission is simple: Empower Excellence, Deliver Results.

The KBI team works to empower the achievement of excellence and deliver results through the application of knowledge and information technology services.  We devote our energy to helping our customers achieve their objectives while maintaining a focus on returning value through our unwavering resolve to reach a state of excellence in all our endeavors. KBI believes that only through the empowerment of our consultants and our customers to achieve results, can our organization be truly successful and continue our journey of excellence.

To learn more about our staffing and information technology consulting services, please visit
knowledgebuilders.com or call  518.250.4189


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