Bumblebeads Boutique celebrates 10 years in business

Owner Cites Adaptability, Evolving to More Than Beads For Success

LATHAM - When Beadkeeper Karen Macielak opened Bumblebeads in June 2005 in 400 square feet of space in Ballston Spa, she fulfilled her dream to have her own business. Now, 10 years later, and in her current location in Newton Plaza, she said she could write a book about what she has learned over the years
Macielak took a chance 10 years ago by sinking all the money she had made from real estate into
starting her business. “I taught myself how to bead as a hobby and really enjoyed it,” she said. “It was so relaxing. I was a real estate agent in Saratoga at the time and my life was crazy. Beading was my
solitude. As time went on, I found that people were more interested in the jewelry I was making, than
the houses I was selling.”
“I’ve learned a lot about business, business climate and how you have to adapt your business to the
economy and the environment,” explained Macielak. “We went through a recession and in order to
survive, I realized I had to change to make the store viable.”
“People are happy when they are beading,” said Macielak. “I love the fact that they leave happy. They
had the experience and left with something they created. I thought, What else is going to make women happy?
Having lived in Manhattan for six years, Macielak drew on her knowledge of the fashion marketplace in NYC to add happiness in the form of clothing and accessories. “I challenge myself to go and find
unique clothing that you won’t find in big box store and at a reasonable price,” she said. “I really
attribute that to my success.”
Macielak is also happy to use her background in elementary education to host children’s birthday
parties. The addition of clothing, jewelry, and accessorries to the store filled a need, because she
realized the children enjoyed the party, but there was nothing for the moms in the store. “It’s good to
have your business plan, but be flexible and willing to adapt,” advises Macielak.
Why Bumblebeads for the business name? “I’ve always loved bumblebees and what they stand for,” said Macielak.  “Aerodynamically speaking,
they should not be able to fly; yet they do. It’s about achieving the impossible. When I was trying to
decide what to name my business; it was realizing the dream that I always wanted to do.”
“I’ve learned a lot and I’ve been very blessed to have met many bright women who are in the business world who are more than happy to share information,” said Macielak. “If there’s one thing that I want
people to know about Bumblebeads, it’s that we are so much more than beads.”
In celebration of 10 years in business, Macielak is offering 10 percent off everything in the store for the remainder of June. Bumblebeads is located in Newton Plaza, 594 New Loudon Road in Latham.
To learn more about Bumblebeads, visit www.bumblebeadsboutique.org.


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