City of Rensselaer and SUNY Poly announce strategic economic development and educational partnership

Mayor Dan Dwyer and SUNY Poly President and CEO Dr. Alain Kaloyeros tour waterfront redevelopment opportunities

Rensselaer - Showcasing the significant impact that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s high-tech blueprint holds for revitalizing urban cores and building long-term and sustainable economies in Upstate cities, City of Rensselaer Mayor Daniel J. Dwyer and SUNY Polytechnic Institute President and CEO Dr. Alain Kaloyeros today announced a strategic economic development and educational partnership.

“The City of Rensselaer wants to do its part to support Governor Andrew Cuomo’s transformative vision for innovation-driven economic development, and there is no better way forward then a partnership with one of our state’s greatest and most dynamic assets – SUNY Polytechnic Institute,” said Mayor Dwyer. “The City is excited to embrace high-tech and to work with SUNY Poly to capitalize on our unique waterfront assets and industrial heritage to attract a new generation of companies and manufacturers. I believe this partnership can be a model for transforming other upstate urban centers and I know Dr. Kaloyeros is as committed as I am to repurposing properties, potentially for housing for incoming companies and SUNY Poly staff, and returning them to the tax rolls. Working with Governor Cuomo and SUNY Poly, we will create the foundation Rensselaer needs to rebuild, reinvent, and revitalize itself for the 21st century.”

“Governor Andrew Cuomo’s high-tech economic development model is unmatched in revitalizing urban cores across Upstate New York and we are excited to apply the governor’s blueprint in the City of Rensselaer,” said SUNY Poly President and CEO Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros. “Smart growth for SUNY Poly requires strategic partners who understand what it takes to do big, impactful, projects and create good-paying jobs that improve the quality of life for the community. The City of Rensselaer and Mayor Dan Dwyer share our vision. SUNY Poly is fully committed to working with Rensselaer to get properties back on the tax rolls and to attract exciting companies, including advanced manufacturing and high-tech R and D.”

In addition to announcing the new partnership, Mayor Dwyer and President and CEO Kaloyeros today toured the Rensselaer waterfront and discussed redevelopment opportunities. 

Immediate next steps for the formal partnership include the empaneling of a high level working group with senior officials from Rensselaer and SUNY Poly that will focus on identifying potential uses for property within the city. This includes potential housing for incoming corporate partners and SUNY Poly staff and employees, advanced manufacturing facilities, high-tech R and D, and classroom and academic space. In addition, SUNY Poly and the City of Rensselaer will work on joint nanotechnology educational opportunities including K-12 programs, STEM, internships, and job-training.


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