Celebrating 50 Years of Business in the Capital District

Colonie ― It's been 50 years since Hoffman Car Wash opened their doors. The business was started by Tom and Carole Hoffman in 1965 and is a second generation led company that has grown to 700 employees. Today, Tom Hoffman Jr. is the CEO of the company, but at the age of 10 he was plowing the car wash parking lots while his father Tom Sr. shoveled additional snow. This family owned and operated business has also expanded to incorporate locations for two national franchises; Jiffy Lube and J.D. Byrider. With 20 Hoffman Car Wash locations, 10 Jiffy Lube locations, and 1 J.D. Byrider location they still intend to continue to grow.

The Hoffman family business started around 1920 on Littles Pond or Littles Lake. Tom's grandfather employed as many as 100 men to harvest ice from the lake. The family had five boys and three girls, and all five boys worked in the ice business. Business in those days was done by horse and wagon and they would deliver ice in the Albany area. It wasn't easy, but it was the start of a corporate culture that believes you have to work hard and have good people to be successful in business. If you look at the family tree you will see that those five Hoffman boys went on to run their own businesses in the 30's and 40's.  Each generation to follow was full of the entrepreneurial spirit, many of whom are still successfully in business today.

Tom Sr. explains they have a firm belief in, "Hiring good people, treating customers fairly and with respect, and taking excellent care of their facilities. Our appearance is an important component to our success. Car washes didn't always have bright lights, clean parking lots, and beautiful landscaping.  These things have helped set us apart." Even in the midst of growth, the corporate culture has stayed the same. The company instills core values that focus on customer service, clean locations, and friendly and knowledgeable team members. Tom Jr. says, "Our customers have come to expect a personal touch, responsiveness, and understanding.  They know we value their business because we show them through our actions." There are countless stories about Hoffman employees going above and beyond just because they were empowered to do right thing for the customer.

In 1996 the company entered into the quick lube business. They purchased seven local Jiffy Lube franchises. The family admits that this venture was scary at first.  However, they believed that they could make it work by putting the right people in the right places. In 2013, they expanded the business to include a J.D. Byrider franchise location on Central Ave. in Albany. J.D. Byrider is a well-known franchise in other parts of the country and the Hoffman's opened the first location in New York State. The franchise focuses on putting credit challenged customers on the road with a reliable used vehicle that is under warranty for 36 months/36,000 miles.

Over the years, many in the Capital District have worked for a Hoffman owned business. Many people say that Hoffman Car Wash was their first job. Some remember that they learned to be early to work, to treat customers with kindness and fairness, and to work hard. The employees smile even when the weather is freezing and their uniforms are wet. They know that they are providing services to their friends, family members, neighbors, and community. It's this dedication and passion that have led this business to 50 successful years in the Capital District.
Hoffman Development Corporation is an independent franchisee of Jiffy Lube International and J.D. Byrider.  Hoffman Development Corporation operates 10 Jiffy Lube service centers, 1 J.D. Byrider auto dealership and 20 Hoffman Car Wash locations.  Visit www.HoffmanCarWash.com<http://www.HoffmanCarWash.com> to learn more about Hoffman Car Wash.


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