Saratoga Courage Announces Winning Gold Medal Award at 4th Annual Denver International Spirits Competition

Saratoga Courage, makers of Pick Six Vodka and Devils Den Moonshine, are proud to announce that Pick Six Vodka has been awarded a Gold Medal at the 4th Annual Denver International Spirits Competition.

The Denver International Spirits Competition is a double blind taste competition that rates spirits on a 100-point scale. Judged by a prestigious panel of 15 of America's most respected spirits authorities brought together for the largest professional spirits competition in the Rocky Mountain Region, the competition is focused on evaluating spirits based on the highest standards.

Pick Six was the only Gold Medal Winner in the Vodka Category. Saratoga Courage Distillery is based in Greenfield right in the heart of Saratoga County, New York. It is locally owned and operated. Inspired by a region known for horse racing, history and tourism, Saratoga Courage products draw from this heritage, are hand crafted and use natural well water. Serge Shishik, the founder, built the distillery, dug the well, and personally inspires the products.

Since its launch in 2014, Pick Six Vodka has been widely lauded for its exceptional taste. Pick Six Vodka is distilled six times, hand crafted, uses a natural local water supply, and is gluten free.

“We have been excited at the responses that we’ve received from people who enjoy a great vodka since we brought Pick Six to life. Being recognized for our quality compared to other spirits in an international competition is incredibly humbling,” said Shishik, founder and owner of Saratoga Courage.

Pick Six Vodka can be found throughout the Capital Region of New York in more than 200 restaurants and retailers. For information on Pick Six or Saratoga Courage, please visit Facebook at www.facebook.com/SaratogaCourageDistillery


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