Adirondack Meat Company Expanding Operation

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Ticonderoga -Adirondack Meat Company (ADK Meat Co) is pleased to announce that they will be expanding their processing facility to include Custom and USDA-inspected Smoked Products, Third Party Audit Certification, and Organic Slaughter and Processing Certification, as well as becoming Animal Welfare Approved.

They are excited that their new Enviro-Pak Custom Smoker is due to arrive in May. They will start the value-added process of smoking with hams, bacon, chops and shoulders, with expansion to include smoked sausage and beef jerky by the year’s end.

ADK Meat Co. has received NOFA Organic Certification and has begun slaughtering and processing
organic animals from area farms under USDA inspection. “It has been frequently requested by local
farmers that have raised animals organically, that we become Certified Organic,” said Denise Ward,
owner of ADK Meat Co.

Displaying ADK exterior 1.JPGAdirondack Meat Company also has also passed an extensive third party audit from a national firm. This audit is a 5 to 7 day process that evaluates daily operations, sanitation and potential hazards in a plant, as well as record keeping and verification practices.  Third party audits are conducted for plants so that they can conduct business with companies like Healthy Living, Walmart and Whole Foods.  It is an important step that the plant takes to ensure the safety of all products being produced in their facility.

Displaying Adirondack Burger (1).jpg“We are grateful that our employees took such pride in the process to ensure that we passed with flying colors.  The third party audit was extremely thorough, but it will be helpful when we work with larger companies,” stated Peter Ward owner.

 In 2014, ADK Meat Co. passed the Animal Welfare Approved Program for beef, pork, sheep and goat.

AWA has ante mortem requirements for the humane handling of animals prior to slaughter. AMI-
recommended Humane Animal Handling Guidelines and Federal Humane Slaughter Act Regulations are also at the forefront for ADK Meat Co.

“We will continue to work hard every day to develop and maintain relationships with local farmers, to produce and create the highest quality product possible for retailers, wholesalers and farm community” shared Peter and Denise Ward.

Adirondack Meat Company was a top priority project recipient in 2013 for the North Country Regional Economic Development Council and Governor Andrew Cuomo.  They have also been featured in the August 2014 edition of Meat & Poultry Magazine as well as the upcoming June 2015 issue of Adirondack Life Magazine.


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