Mingle on the Avenue, Saratoga Springs announces recipients of a 12 week series to help out local organizations and give back to the Saratoga community

Saratoga Springs, NY – February 19, 2015 - Mingle on the Avenue, Saratoga Springs is launching a 12 week campaign dedicated to helping the Saratoga community.  Beginning Monday, February 23, Mingle will offer Attitude of Gratitude Mondays during which 15% of breakfast, lunch and dinner proceeds will be donated to a specific local community organization every week for 12 weeks. 

"We would like to thank our friends and neighbors for supporting our local business," says Jose Filomeno, Managing Partner of Mingle on the Avenue Saratoga Springs.   “We will be donating a portion of our Monday sales to a different local organization each week in support of our ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ belief.  Please join us in support of the groups who support our community...” 
The promotion runs from February 23 through May 11. The first week recipient is Saratoga Bridges, followed sequentially by Code Blue Saratoga, Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council, Wellspring, Saratoga Central Catholic School, Saratoga Arts, The Saratoga Hospital Foundation, Catholic Charities of Saratoga, Warren and Washington County, Shelters of Saratoga, Saratoga Senior Center, The Community Hospice, and the Franklin Community Center.  Go to www.minglerestaurants.com/saratoga/ for information on the weekly lineup of organizations who will receive support throughout the 12 week series.

Mingle on the Avenue is a restaurant in Saratoga Springs where "fine dining meets fine art."  At Mingle, they believe eating with your eyes is just as important as eating with your mouth.  Chef Brian Bowden, with his intimate knowledge of diverse cuisine, prepares visually stunning plates that taste just as good as they look. Local fresh ingredients are the heart and soul of their dishes.  They serve a variety of globally inspired, locally sourced menu items that utilize the freshest organic and farm raised products.  At Mingle they aim to provide guests with a unique and creative dining experience every time they dine.  Mingle is located at 30 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs next to the Pavilion Grand Hotel.


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