Troy Declares National Holiday: Restaurant celebrates new location with national agenda

TROY>> On Monday, Nov. 3 at 11AM, MudDaddy Flats Quesadillary will celebrate a move to 49 Third St. with a ribbon and tortilla cutting. Owner Dan Frament will also announce a city-wide move to declare Nov. 5, the halfway point to Cinco de Mayo, National Quesadilla Day.  

“The quesadilla is always the bridesmaid and never the bride,” Frament said of the quesadilla’s general position on restaurant menus. “It’s time for it to be recognized for more than an appetizer. It is a worthy entrée.”

MudDaddy Flats serves many types of quesadillas with fillings ranging from seasoned chicken to roast beef to chocolate and marshmallows. The menu has been popular among Troy residents and students.

“He’s right,” said Erin Pihlaja, executive director of the Downtown Troy BID. “His quesadillas are delicious and could easily count for two meals given their portion size. It’s a fun idea and the district is quickly coming together to participate.”

Almost 10 Troy restaurants have signed on to offer specials on Nov. 5. B-Rads Bistro, Broadway Café, Daily Grind, Illium Café, Infinity Café, Jose Malone’s, Lucas Confectionery, O’Brien’s Public House, and Nibble Inc. have all confirmed that they will celebrate the launch of National Quesadilla Day.

“We hope to see this spread throughout the Capital Region, through New York State, and then throughout the country,” said Pihlaja. “Let your love for quesadillas shine.”


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