Mio Posto under new ownership, a new Danny in charge

SARATOGA SPRINGS>> Danny Urschel is the new chef-owner of Mio Posto at 68 Putnam St., after the previous Danny Petrosino has left his small post for the much larger Maestro's on Broadway.
Urschel and Petrosino have worked side by side, on and off for about 20 years, and consider each other family. They even wrote cookbook together at one point. “They have been playing together in the kitchen for as long as I can remember, said Mio Posto general manager Heidi Urschel, Danny’s wife.
Urschel had been involved in the Mio Posto kitchen since the restaurant opened three years ago.  

When Petrosino got the new gig, he left Mio Posto in Urschel’s deserving hands.

Simply put: the Urschels plan to keep everything the same. The menu, though it will change seasonally, is the same food, prepared the same way as always. “We want to keep everything the same,” Heidi Urschel said. “We love it here.”

"Conceptually, from top to bottom we are identical to the way the previous business was," Danny Urschel said.

The one change is that Mio Posto will now be open Sundays year-round, serving traditional family-style dinners.

Dinners start at 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Mio Posto primarily takes reservations but will also accept walk-ins.

Danny Urschel hopes locals who haven’t yet experienced Mio Posto will try it out.  

For more information visit www.miopostosaratoga.com.


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