Chris Kelley Hired as Security Specialist at GreyCastle Security

TROY, N.Y. – GreyCastle Security, a cybersecurity consulting firm that helps businesses assess, remediate and manage information security risks, has hired its fifth new employee since the beginning of 2014, security specialist Chris Kelley.
Kelley began his career in technology nearly 20 years ago, when he joined the United States Navy, where he repaired naval communication systems and was first introduced to security management. While with the Navy, he was a senior security analyst, providing technical leadership and in-depth analysis of computer network traffic. He supported the Department of Defense cyber defense through application testing, network analysis and incident response. He developed security policies, provided system support functions, developed standard procedures and redesigned various networks to increase performance and efficiency. He also spent three years as a security analyst with the National Security Agency.
Kelley’s areas of expertise include network analysis, Linux administration, UNIX network, identity management, packet-level analysis, SNORT, OWASP, TCP/IP and security training.
“As we’ve seen recently with the Home Depot and Gmail breaches, no organization or system is impenetrable,” said Reg Harnish, GreyCastle Security’s chief security strategist. “Chris brings considerable experience and great skill to this position and our clients will benefit from his expertise.” 
Kelley is a native of Enon, Ohio and currently resides in Delanson.  Kelley is GreyCastle Security’s fourth new hire in six months. Most recently, GreyCastle hired an office manager, a senior security specialist, security specialist and account manager. Harnish expects to hire additional talent throughout the remainder of the year.  
About GreyCastle Security:
GreyCastle Security is a cybersecurity consulting firm focused on risk management, awareness and operational security. Our company was established to counter rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats and manage risks in people, process and technology. GreyCastle Security is comprised exclusively of highly certified professionals with prior security experience in healthcare, education, retail and gaming. Our team members are all former CISOs, ISOs, security specialists and operators. We bring a client perspective to everything we do.
All we do is cybersecurity. All day, every day.  We provide assessments, training, testing and response capabilities to organizations of all sizes, types and industries. We bring passionate practicality to cybersecurity.
Visit us at www.greycastlesecurity.com for more information, and let GreyCastle Security redefine cybersecurity for you.


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