The MacLeans launch their Curved Line Living business seminars

Curved Line Living 

Local entrepreneurs Christel and Colin MacLean have announced the launch of their Curved Line Living seminars featuring all aspects of entrepreneurship and personal empowerment. The first seminar, “Fearless Entrepreneurship,” will be held April 22, with a second identical session April 25. “Fearless Entrepreneurship” will cover creating the right mindset for going out on your own, financing, building cash-flow projections, corporate structure, branding, public relations and marketing, and overcoming hurdles, as well as the MacLeans’ proprietary tips for entrepreneurial success. This is a hands-on working seminar, and attendance is limited to 35 people. The cost is $75.

“Curved Line Living Seminars represent our belief that life is definitely not a straight line,” said Christel MacLean.

Colin MacLean said, “We believe that life is filled with many opportunities for reinvention and new opportunities that can lead to an enriched life.”

To that end, in addition to future seminar topics including “New Business Development,” “Finding Inspiration” and “Managing Business Growth,” there will be a core seminar called “Principles of Curved Line Living.” This will be a continuing series, and will provide an interactive framework and discussion of principles involving self-reliance, positivity, networking and following your intuition in business. Special guests will be featured who will share their individual stories of how they followed the curved line to success.

“We have become increasingly busy with speaking engagements and private consulting projects,” said Christel MacLean. “Recent projects include a corporate retreat, a Strategies for Success business seminar, work with the Career Center at Williams College and an article on Curved Line Living that I wrote for ‘Her Life’ magazine; this just seems like a natural progression of our work.”

Owners of Circus Café, the Crown Grill, Saratoga Juice Bar and Realty Saratoga as well as their consulting firm, the MacLeans have lived the entrepreneurial lifestyle since the 1990s when they arrived in Saratoga Springs from New York City after successful careers in investment banking and theatrical production.

“Armed with Christel’s Wharton Master of Business Administration degree and our years of joint practical business experience in the trenches, we feel uniquely positioned to present our seminars in the dynamic and changing marketplace of the Capital Region,” said Colin MacLean.

For more information about Curved Line Living, visit www.curvedlineliving.com or call 369-8922.



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