Local management experts aim to improve government efficiency with new book


Local consultants Tim Jaques and Jonathan Weinstein founded their management consulting company, Line of Sight, with a passion for bringing change and efficiency to businesses and organizations. Jaques and Weinstein have put their experience and expertise in project management into a new book with an exciting take on project management strategy for the federal government. The book will be available in stores and online this month.

“We hope our new book, ‘The Government Manager’s Guide to Project Management,’ will lead to more efficient and effective government, and ultimately drive change in society in positive ways,” Jaques said.

The book will support the manager’s leadership role and offer new insight into overcoming obstacles in the federal environment. The book is also included in a 10-part series, “The Government Manager’s Essential Library,” published by Management Concepts Press. The series is a compilation of cutting-edge resources written by experts in government management.

“The federal government is the largest entity in the world, and its projects are vastly complex, from building bridges and submarines to maintaining nuclear facilities,” Weinstein said. “In fiscal year 2013, nearly $1 trillion will be spent on projects alone. Our book offers advice on how to make these complex projects more efficient and successful.”

The authors hope the new book will be a tool for change, helping government employees make better decisions and use government resources more efficiently.

Jaques and Weinstein are already at work on their next book, due out in 2014. This book will examine organizational performance in the private and public sectors, and identify best practices for the most agile, change-adept organizations.

Founded in 2005, Line of Sight delivers project management and management consulting services to industry and government organizations worldwide. With offices in Saratoga Springs and Columbia, Md., Line of Sight consults with organizations serious about undergoing change, by bringing discipline to projects, reengineering business processes and helping clients transform the management of their businesses. Line of Sight’s current and past clients include ACE Insurance, General Electric, New York state government, the Sierra Club, Tufts University, United States Bureau of the Census and the U.S. Treasury Department.

To learn more about Line of Sight or “The Government Manager’s Guide to Project Management,” visit  . To buy the book, visit www.amazon.com.



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