Serotta continues to restructure, reduces prices on most models


Serotta, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hand-built high-performance bicycles, continues to restructure its operations as it accepts orders for new custom and stock frames, reduces prices on most models and gains contract frame-building work.

“The contract frame-building agreements we are negotiating will stabilize our business and let our American craftspeople continue to do what they love doing: building great bikes here in Saratoga Springs,” said Brian K. Case, Serotta chairman and a director of the Divine Cycling Group, which owns Serotta.

“We aim to build our manufacturing business around multiple customers across multiple distribution channels,” he said. “Besides handling contract frame-building for other brands, we will offer private-label framesets designed and crafted for top dealers and fit studios. This, in turn, will support the continued production of our legendary high-performance custom and stock frames.”

The company is accepting orders for the fully custom Ottrott SE, Legend SE and Viaggio SE models, as well as for Standard Geometry MeiVici SG, Legend SG, Pronto SG and Fondo SG framesets.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price has been reduced by up to 20 percent for all models except the Pronto and Fondo.

 “We’re also improving margins for our dealers,” Case said.

Frame designer Scott Hock, a racer who leads Serotta’s custom frame and new product design, said, “Cyclists will get our unsurpassed build quality, Serotta’s legendary ride and a durable frame with a lifetime warranty. And now the bikes are available at a more competitive price.”

Serotta has also reduced its repair and refinishing prices by 25 percent, and will now accept refinishing work for other brands.

“There is no reason why we should limit our artisans to finishing only Serottas,” Hock said. “Our paint shop team, which is renowned for its flawless finish work, can restore any high-quality frame--Serotta or other brands--to factory-fresh condition.

“And this week, we’re glad to welcome back Nick Hemendinger, a graphics guru and key member of our paint shop team.”



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