Pizza and ice cream coming to South Broadway

Papa John's Pizza

The former Saratoga Pizza House and Alexandra’s Ice Cream at 146 S. Broadway has sat empty a while, but new businesses are coming in now: a Papa John’s franchise and a second location for the Ice Cream Man from Greenwich. Celebrate with summer food for everyone!

Stephen Ethier, CEO of Performing Asset Strategies, bought the property at a foreclosure sale and originally planned to redevelop it. When Papa John’s approached him, Ethier began to look into ice cream vendors for the Alexandra side of the building.

“The Ice Cream Man at 417 State Route 29 is some of the greatest ice cream around,” he said enthusiastically. “It’s almost like custard—something about the cream. The company  was so happy to find a location on South Broadway.”

So Ethier will lease to the two companies. The Ice Cream Man will be open in late summer, he expects, and Papa John’s, which is doing a build-out, in early fall. Meanwhile, Ethier will put a new roof on the place while waiting for the ice cream and pizza to come.

“These are two good products,” he said. “It’s a nice combination.”



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