Broadway night club Mine opens a new restaurant

Mine offers new dining option

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Catherine Harris, owner of Mine bar and nightclub on Broadway, has extended her venue to include a new restaurant by the same name.

“We’re open now, but it’s sort of a soft opening,” Harris said of Mine’s new dining section. “We’re planning a grand opening for next weekend. On Friday, July 8, we’ll have the local band Crossfire playing and a ton of specials and decorations.”

When Harris and her husband opened Mine over one year ago, they completed extensive renovations on the club to give it a new chic aesthetic and interior design. When Harris decided to expand Mine to include a restaurant, the required renovations were minor.

“We did some minor work like lighting and transforming the kitchen and storage space to be server friendly, but it was mostly behind the scenes so my patrons barely noticed,” Harris said. 

Today, Harris received approval from the city to open a small outdoor café right by the store front on 388 Broadway. 

Mine Restaurant will offer what Harris called “an upscale, casual type of menu.” The selection will include a variety of tapas, small plates, salads, entrees and desserts all at a moderate price point.

“It’s what I call real food — we don’t have a fryer — it’s healthy,” Harris said. “Our approach has always been eco-friendly so we wanted to extend that to our food. It’s built around the concept that when you put our food into your body you can feel good about it and also feel good about the price.”

Mine will be serving its new dining menu Wednesday through Sunday from 4:30 p.m. until close.

We scheduled a meeting time next week to take some photographs and collect more information so stay tuned for more on the new Mine Restaurant. 



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