More than just cupcakes

The downtown eatery formerly known as the Cupcake Lab has added “Isabel’s Bistro” to its name after the owners decided recently that the original name didn’t cover everything on the menu.

“We changed it to better explain the concept that we weren’t just a cupcake shop and a coffee shop,” said Elizabeth Phillips, who opened the business with her husband, Michael, in March.

The couple now offers full dinner service four nights a week in addition to casseroles, baked goods, soups, breakfast burritos and sandwiches offered on the lunch and breakfast menu. Cupcakes and coffee are mainstays, of course.

“Four months later, our food has evolved, and there is still nothing over $20 on the menu,” Michael Phillips said.

They’ve recently hired a part-time chef, Frank Daluisio, and now employ seven part-time workers, he added.

Local musicians have been performing in the expansive café, too. Margot Malia Lynch is slated to perform Thursday, and Mikki Bakken is slated for Thursday, Aug. 5.

Isabel’s Bistro and the Cupcake Lab is located in the back of the Roohan Building at 517 Broadway. The entrance is behind the building on Long Alley, off of Walton Street.

For more information and a schedule of live music, call the shop at 583-3144 or look up The Cupcake Lab and Coffee Café on Facebook.


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