UPDATED 7/1: Hoofing it to the second floor

This story has been edited to remove inaccurate information that was originally published in the second paragraph. This was brought to my attention by the reader's comment posted below.

Saratoga Saddlery is getting an upgrade as owners take over the second-floor space at 460 Broadway.

Owners Sabine and Mick Rodgers say they’ll add 2,300 square feet of space for offices and expand their product lines upstairs, where the gallery called Sundari Fine Art had been located. Equine paintings once covered the walls in the space when painter Boguslaw Lustyk put up a temporary show last summer.

Now the couple is remodeling the space and expects to have it open in about two weeks. They’re also looking to hire additional employees.

“We’re extending the store to the second floor to do a little bit of equestrian lifestyle home furnishing, and we’re adding more denim lines and more apparel,” Sabine Rodgers said.

She said the space is also ideal for hosting parties and holding fundraiser events.

The couple is negotiating to buy the building from landlord Mark Straus, whose five historic downtown structures went on the market last year.

Saratoga Saddlery has been open for 4-1/2 years, selling riding apparel and equine-related gifts. The business has seen a steady increase almost every one of those years, Rodgers said.

They opened a sister store, also called Saratoga Saddlery, in Delmar, Calif., last May.

“We’re lucky enough to be in an economy bubble with Saratoga Saddlery,” Rodgers said. “When you have choices of where you’re going to spend your money, customers will choose where they go to get great customer service. They come to us not just to buy a shirt, but to get the whole experience.”

For more information, call 580-4522.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the Lustyk Studio is now housing a yoga studio. I think you meant to say Saratoga Saddlery is taking over Flores studio space.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010 1:53:00 PM 
Blogger Mareesa said...

I checked into this, and I think this explanation should clear things up regarding your comment:

Frankie Flores used to have his studio at 468 Broadway above Max London's restaurant, before he moved north down Broadway and opened a gallery on the first floor -- his current location.

Neither of these locations are the same gallery space I'm talking about in the above business column. I'm talking about 462 Broadway, the huge second floor space that Saratoga Saddlery just expanded into. It was most recently called Sundari Fine Art. While I'm unsure if the gallery relocated or closed its Saratoga location altogether, I do know that Lustyk did take over the Sundari space for a short while last summer, because I went up there and interviewed him for a 5W feature. At the time, he told me he was using the space to temporarily host his equine show just for racing season. Then is was back to being Sundari, until Saratoga Saddlery took it over this summer.

Lustyk also had his own gallery at 454 Broadway, which is, like you said, now the Yoga Mandali studio.

Thursday, July 01, 2010 5:27:00 PM 
Blogger Mareesa said...

I've corrected the post to reflect the most recent full-time tenant of the space, which is Sundari rather than Lustyk. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thursday, July 01, 2010 5:30:00 PM 

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