Nightclub at 388 Broadway making comeback

A sign at 388 Broadway shows a new nightclub called Mine is in the works at the underground venue that has been eerily quiet for months.

A bartender-turned-businesswoman, Anne Delucia, 34, last owned the club. She bought it in 2005 and opened it in 2006 as The Grotto. Later, the name changed to Club 388.

Previously, it was known as The Newberry.

New owners Catherine Harris and Mark Smith are renovating the club to reopen this season.

Last week, workers installed new tiles on the floor and walls of the entranceway.

Most recently, the address was in the news when a stabbing occurred outside the club in February 2009. Two Schenectady men pleaded guilty to felony charges of attempted assault in the case.

Check back for more details and contact information for Mine in an upcoming edition of In the Biz. For now, here's a link to the Facebook page, although it doesn't have much on it.


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