Eclectic by design

Brendan Flanigan is inspired by his surroundings, and you might be too, once you step into his new design studio at 10 Lake Ave.

The client meeting space/showroom that opened earlier this month features walls painted three different colors. The room is filled with eclectic decorating pieces, such as a $1,000 “statement” chair — its curved legs, arms and back are made of animal horns — and more than one chandelier hangs glittering from the ceiling.

He likes to throw an odd antique into the mix, too, to support examples of the table linens and floral designs he offers.

“My taste is eclectic and classic, but always clean, and always with a natural and organic element,” said Flanigan, who is native to the area.

At 32, he says his degree in accounting has come in handy as he’s grown his business from home the last five years, but his true passion is for customizing a space to fit a client’s vision.

His appointment-only service offers interior, floral and event design for corporate and residential clients in the Saratoga, Manhattan and Albany areas.

“Design simply allows someone to live and experience their life in a better way,” he said. “It provides a backdrop for living and working. It makes those things more efficient and enjoyable.”

Diverse sourcing from international craftsmen and vendors leaves him unattached to a specific line or store and better able to be “client-centered,” he said. Furniture is also customizable.

Hourly rates start at $100 and vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Previous to opening his studio, Flanigan worked out of a home office in the city. He has goods shipped to a warehouse in the Schenectady area.

For more information, call the Lake Avenue studio at 290-0233 or e-mail info@brendanflanigan.com.


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