Saratoga Mystique leaving Algonquin

Owners of Saratoga Mystique, the piano gallery and café at 516 Broadway, are vacating their space in the Algonquin building by the end of September, citing an inability to keep up with the rent after a slow summer season.

“We just can’t do it anymore in this location, and we’re considering several places to move,” said Maggie Prisco, who owns Saratoga Mystique with her husband, Michael.

In the meantime, they plan to carry on their business, with Maggie teaching voice and piano lessons and Michael selling, tuning and restoring vintage and contemporary pianos from their home facility in Gansevoort. The couple was doing as much before they opened the storefront business at 514 Broadway in spring 2009.

After a few months at that location, they moved one door down into a bigger space with hopes of expanding Saratoga Mystique into a piano bar of sorts. It offered coffee, snacks, live music and lessons in addition to selling pianos and other instruments. Over the winter, the Priscos operated a kiosk in the Wilton Mall.

Business at the store is by appointment only through the end of the month. Call 701-0308 or 210-4505 for information.


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