Alpine Sport Shop celebrates 75th anniversary

Saratoga Springs - This ski season marks the 75th year that the Alpine Sport Shop has been outfitting skiers and winter enthusiasts in Saratoga Springs and beyond. A family business owned by Jack and Cathy (Woodcock) Hay located at 399 Clinton Street, Saratoga Springs, New York, has become a touchstone. It is a place that generations of families have shopped, and have come to feel at home.
"We have a true passion for the sport of skiing and just want to share it," says owner Cathy Hay. It is a gathering spot and the start of many skiers’ adventures. Alpine Sport Shop first opened its doors in 1941 on Broadway in Saratoga Springs by ski pioneer Ed Taylor, a Tenth Mountain Division Veteran, and his wife Jo. In 1966, Thurlow and Dorothy Woodcock bought the business and, by 1969, designed and constructed the building as it exists today.
The classic ski chalet style building has a massive stone fireplace, a collection of vintage skis that honor its heritage, but mostly is a kaleidoscope of color filled with the most current technology in winter wear and ski gear. Alpine Sport Shop is a true Saratoga Springs destination. Special events and promotions will be happening throughout the season to celebrate 75 winters!

For more information on the history, activities and events of the Alpine Sport Shop, please contact Terri-Lynn Pellegri at 584-6290.


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