The Resurgence of Multigenerational Living from Schuyler Builders

An antiquated once necessary housing option is redefined by a forward thinking conscious choice to share lives.  Schuyler Builders constructs a revival of harmoniously coexisting with loved ones, a resurging concept in housing and homeownership. Schuyler’s ‘multigenerational homes’ are living spaces that provide an atmosphere for parents, grandparents and children to grow old together by incorporating a custom, private, lower level suite design for your family to visit or stay!

Meticulously built multi-generational  homes measure over 2,100-3,800 square feet, with 4-5 bedrooms, open kitchen and optional 2nd kitchen suite, two family rooms, optional office, 3 full bathrooms, garage, upper & lower covered decks, hardwood floors, tile baths, high efficiency heating, premium insulation, along with advanced air sealing. 

Post Industrial Reality

Families living under one roof  was once the norm in the USA.  After the Second World War the U.S. economy fully transitioned from agrarian to industrial manufacturing.  Returning service men and women moved to the cities to take advantage of education provided by the G.I. Bill and the jobs that the manufacturing economy made possible.  Pent up demand for consumer goods after the Great Depression and the war along with greater prosperity made owning single-family homes possible. When people left the family farm for the city, the distance made  returning rarely feasible.  Add to that, life expectancy was not what it is today.

New Demographics
In the 21st century, people live longer and stay healthier decades longer than their forbearers. The intention is palpable to live out our purpose. Over indulged by information, concepts, and ideas to make the best of what we’ve created. We work hard and unwind catching up virtually. The stories vary, the worries are subliminal, the struggle for justified lifestyle looms .  The economic reality is that the dollar does not go nearly as far as it once did. Lifestyle is afforded by income. Time broadcasts lifestyle. Two and three generations living separately, sharing lives and expenses under one roof is practical, affordable, and never to be taken for granted. “We’ve designed these homes to encourage family bonding in the 21st century,” said Anthony Vaccarielli of Schuyler  Builders. “There is plenty of space so that no one is crowded or crowding out other family members, which is another benefit.” The  home suite home...a  family focused  lifestyle.

Schuyler Builders has numerous lots located in Albany County, Saratoga County, and Warren County. Model of the multi-generational home is located at 250 Taurus Rd., in the South Colonie School District, overlooking 50 acres of virgin land that is set-aside in perpetuity.

To learn more go to: http://schuyler.builders


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