Make Your Office Space Work: top business interior trends for 2015

Saratoga Springs - According to the International Labour Organization and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American employees work more hours per year than any other industrialized nation in the world. So if people are going to spend that much time at work, it can be well-worth it for companies to invest in workspaces to improve employees' ergonomics, morale and efficiency.

drb Business Interiors, located in Saratoga Springs, is a leading commercial furniture sales and
office interiors design firm, working with companies across the country to create functional,
aesthetically appealing workspaces. Their team of design and sales professionals is on the leading edge of trends in office space design.

"At drb Business Interiors, we take the time to learn how you and your employees work, to understand the challenges you face with your space, and to make suggestions on ways that other people are working," said drb owner Dorothy Rogers-Bullis in a press release.

The latest trends

If you are interested in updating your office space, but you are not sure where to begin, here are a few of the top new trends they are seeing at drb Business Interiors.

 Standing to work: With study after study coming out about the health issues associated with
prolonged sitting, the sit-to-stand desk has become a hot trend in office design. Offering the
flexibility to perform work in either position, sit-to-stand desks improve ergonomics, and the
variety of vantage points also sparks creativity.

 Breakout spaces: Meetings aren't just being held in conference rooms anymore. Teammates are
coming together for more impromptu, informal tête-à-tête. This kind of meeting style means
that work stations are getting smaller, but collaborative breakout spaces are getting larger, both
in number and area.

 Lower work station walls: The "cubicle farm" may just face extinction as divider walls are
getting lower and lower. Because 65% of the cost of a cubicle is in the vertical panels,
benching–a desk system devoid of walls– is becoming increasingly popular. Benching saves
money, increases collaboration, and allows you to fit more employees into a smaller space.
(Note: There are trade-offs, among them noise, privacy, and distractions.)

A worthwhile investment

These and other hot trends in office design can boost productivity in the modern working world, and a fresh look to your space can invigorate employees. "We often find that sales and output increase for our clients following a redesign of their workspace," noted Rogers-Bullis.

To learn more about these or other office update options, contact drb Business Interiors at 518.306.5233 or info@drbbusinessinteriors.com, or visit the website at


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