New Collar City eatery aims to have it all

TROY>> There’s a new Collar City eatery on its way, and it’s all about having options.
Located at 50 Fourth St., in the former Union National Bank, “I wouldn’t call it a restaurant,” owner Cory Nelson said, but rather a “gourmet food court.”
On why he decided to open this unique establishment, “I simply just love food,” Nelson said. But he’s not a chef, himself, he admitted. “I eat out all the time.”
In his own experience, when he goes out dining with friends “Nobody wants to eat the same thing,” Nelson continued. So, he took it upon himself to open an eatery that has it all.
Troy Kitchen is slated to have four different food vendors and a coffee bar. Two of the vendors will be from New York City and three will be local food entrepreneurs, Nelson said, but he isn’t sharing who it will be just yet.
A Brooklyn native, Nelson came to Troy two years ago and is now planting some permanent roots by opening his first brick and mortar business within the city’s downtown area. He’s opening the business with a partner Kyle Engstrom. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in this venture,” Nelson wrote on Facebook.
However, “This project doesn't belong to me or Kyle but to the entire city, so we want everyone to feel involved and excited about it just as we are,” the post continued.
Nelson said he considers fellow Brooklynites-turned-Trojans and entrepreneurs Vic Christopher and Heather LaVine, who own Lucas Confectionery, the Grocery and Peck’s Arcade to be inspirational to him in opening Troy Kitchen.  
For more information visit www.facebook.com/TroyKitchenNY.
Look for a full story and photos of Troy Kitchen in The Record and at troyrecord.com next week.


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