Local jewelry designer Dennis deJonghe wins two international design awards

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Dennis deJonghe, owner of DeJonghe Original Jewelry at 470 Broadway, racked up two awards at the 2012 American Gem trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Awards held in late October in New York City.

One of the most prestigious jewelry design events in the industry, the Spectrum Awards attracts hundreds of international entries with winners selected by a panel of judges, which changes each year. Judges primarily look for creativity and craftsmanship, but also judge each piece based on use of color, wearability and overall appeal.

Two of deJonghe’s pieced earned recognition at this year’s 28th annual AGTA Spectrum Awards. The first award, “Best use of Palladium Color,” was for deJonghe’s Aquamarine Pendant, a Palladium pendant with a 16.39ct aquamarine gem as the centerpiece accented with moonstones, pearls and diamonds.

“My inspiration was the main gem — a fine quality aquamarine by lapidary artist Michael Dyber,” said deJonghe in a statement. The angular pendant design was made to counterbalance the soft elements, he added.

The local designer also won the “Classical — Palladium Prestige Award,” for his Palladium Pearl Ring, which holds a 16.5mm white South Sea Pearl accented with diamonds.

Deceivingly simple, the ring was actually one of the more difficult pieces for deJonghe to craft with the large round pearl proving challenging to set. 

The two pieces will be displayed at the end of January along with the other Spectrum Award winners at the 2012 Gem  Fair in Tucson, A.Z.
deJonghe's award winning designs

For more information visit deJonghe Original Jewelry at 470 Broadway or call 587-6422. E-mails can be addressed to info@djoriginals.com.


Anonymous Rick Thompson said...

Congratulations Mr. deJonghe, we are proud to have such a classy business in Saratoga Springs.

Monday, November 07, 2011 11:56:00 PM 

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