Personal scanner not necessary

You’ve got thousands of dusty old photos piled in boxes in your basement, and the thought of transferring them to a more durable format is overwhelming. Or you don’t have the right tools to do the job.

That’s where Visual Recollection comes in.

Thomas Dragonette and Daesha Harris, both 30, are renovating a rented second-floor space at 43 Washington St. for their new business, Visual Recollection. The location is an aging building owned by the First Baptist Church, on the corner of Washington Street and Railroad Place.

Inside, the pair will gather customers’ photos, negatives and slides and transfer them to a permanent format using scanning, retouching, restoration, digital capture and archiving techniques.

“Anything that can be digitally preserved” is game, Harris said.

Unlike online services that often auto-scan photos after you ship them off to another city or state, the Visual Recollection team keeps materials in the studio and carefully scans them by hand so customers can be assured their keepsakes will be safe and intact, Dragonette said.

The business name refers to “the experience of recalling a memory sparked by a mental picture, as well as the actual act of recollecting/reorganizing tangible images,” the owners said.

Harris and Dragonette moved back to their hometown of Saratoga last summer after spending time in San Francisco, working in their respective fields of music production and photographic art.

In the future, their space in the turreted brick building could host art shows, Harris said. From the start, they’ll display work by local artists on the walls and use the space as a working artist’s studio, where Dragonette will record music and Harris will work with photographs and film in addition to the business.

A grand opening reception is planned for 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, April 10, at the studio. For more information, e-mail info@visualrecollection.com or call 937-8379.


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