UPDATED: A hazy opening

The word from my cubicle neighbor here in the newsroom, AB, is that according to a sign on the storefront, Smoke and Fire is closed until its grand opening ... which is who knows when. Just thought you'd like to know.

From last week:

A Caroline Street mainstay has transformed into a slightly different version of itself.

What was Manifest Station for 10 years at 42 Caroline is now Smoke and Fire, owned by Theresa Sheffer of Saratoga Springs. Sheffer had managed Manifest Station for three years and took it over from its former owner, her sister, Charity Cannon, for its reopening this fall.

She runs the shop with her boyfriend, Loren Mahar, in addition to being a mother of three.

The store is mostly empty at the moment, save for a small collection of pipes and a large hookah displayed in the window.

Sheffer plans a grand opening of Smoke and Fire in October and is working on stocking the shelves with tobacco products, rolling papers, incense and other accessories.

Local artwork and photography will be on display and a back room is expected to be transformed into a glass-blowing studio, where local glass-blowers will create products for the store, Sheffer said.

For more information, go to http://www.myspace.com/smokeandfireny.


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